Kushner Wants To Relocate Gazans To Where?

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Last month, Jared Kushner, who was one of former President Donald Trump’s advisers on the Middle East and is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, argued that Gazans needed to move to an Israeli desert to give Israel’s military access to the region as they fight Hamas. 

During a conversation with Harvard’s Middle East Initiative (MEI) faculty Chair Tarek Masoud, Kushner had taken a position on the debate of how it would be possible to help shield the Palestinians in Gaza from the Israeli attacks. This has become an even bigger point of concern as Israel is going to move towards invading Rafah, which is believed to be the area where Hamas battalions are currently hiding. Despite this planned attack, there are currently no plans on how the millions of civilians in the region could be evacuated. 

Kushner had argued that if he was in Israel the first thing that he would say is that they needed to make sure that they got as many civilians out of the region as possible. He added that they needed to try and clear Rafah out and that it was possible that with diplomacy they could achieve this. He pointed out that he knew that Egypt had rejected any such points but that it was possible that with the right diplomacy, they would be able to get the Palestinians to safety. 

He added that if he was Israel he would attempt to move people to a desert region known as Negev which is located in the south of the country. 

Masoud had proceeded to question Kushner about this suggestion and asked whether this is something that Kushner would be willing to try. In response, Kushner had argued that he was sitting in Miami Beach and looking at the situation considering what actions he would take if he was there. 

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