Jan 6th Committee Caught Hiding Critical Evidence

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On a recent Friday, a man was apprehended at the U.S. Capitol after security personnel found a hammer in his backpack during a routine security screening. The individual, 33-year-old Christopher Snow, exhibited aggressive behavior when a police officer, noticing the hammer on the X-ray display, proceeded to conduct a more detailed inspection of Snow’s bag at the Capitol Visitor Center.

The situation quickly escalated, necessitating the intervention of multiple officers to restrain Snow. In the midst of the confrontation, Capitol Police resorted to deploying a Taser to neutralize and arrest him, later confirming the presence of a hammer in his backpack.

Captain Andrew Pecher of the Capitol Police lauded the prompt and effective actions of the officers involved, from the detection of the hammer by the scanning officer to the collective effort to detain Snow before he could enter the Capitol building. Pecher highlighted the incident as a testament to the officers’ training and readiness.

Snow faces charges related to assaulting a police officer following the altercation. This incident underscores the heightened security concerns at the Capitol, especially in light of a reported increase in threats against Congress members. The Capitol Police disclosed that they had investigated over 8,000 such threats in the last year, indicating a rising trend from the previous years. Assistant Chief Ashan Benedict emphasized the department’s dedication to safeguarding Congress amidst a busy political year, stressing the importance of expanding and enhancing their resources and operations to fulfill their protective mission effectively.

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