Jack Smith Begging Supreme Court To Help Him

Marielam1, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Special Counsel Jack Smith promptly contested Donald Trump’s plea to the Supreme Court for postponing his trial concerning federal election tampering, which was aimed at pausing the trial while Trump appeals against a decision that dismissed his claims of immunity.

Trump had earlier sought an emergency intervention from the apex court to halt the trial proceedings during his appeal process.

Responding swiftly, Smith’s team, in a detailed 40-page submission just days before their deadline, called on the Supreme Court justices to dismiss Trump’s request, advocating for the trial to proceed without delay.

The prosecution emphasized the urgency of resolving the charges, pointing out the public’s vested interest in achieving a swift and just verdict, especially given the case’s national significance. The charges involve allegations against a former President for purported criminal attempts to disrupt the Presidential election outcome, including the misuse of official powers.

Smith highlighted the importance of expediting Trump’s trial for election interference, with the trial date of March 4 pending until the Supreme Court decides on Trump’s immunity as a former president.

Should the Supreme Court decide to review Trump’s claims of immunity, Smith proposed that the justices fast-track the case, aiming for a hearing in March. This expedited timeline could result in a decision by summer or sooner, potentially allowing Trump’s trial to commence before the general election, assuming the case advances.

Smith’s filing stressed the necessity of a quick Supreme Court decision on the immunity issue, to enable a timely and fair trial with minimal further delays.

Both the presiding judge and an appellate court have ruled that Trump does not possess immunity.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a significant 57-page ruling, stated that Trump, now a private citizen, does not enjoy any special defenses beyond those available to any other criminal defendant. The court rejected the notion that former Presidents are perpetually above the law, affirming that there’s no basis for granting blanket immunity to former Presidents from federal prosecution, including Trump for the charges in question.

Trump has not yet formally requested the Supreme Court to review the entire case, an action anticipated in a subsequent submission.

However, if the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, it would likely cause further delays in the trial’s other proceedings. Judge Tanya Chutkan has already put a hold on additional case filings, indicating a willingness to adjust the March 4 trial date to account for these delays.

Trump faces four federal felony charges in this case, accusing him of conspiring to undermine the 2020 presidential election results. He has entered a plea of not guilty to these charges, as well as to those in three other criminal cases against him.

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