GOP’s 2024 Plan Enrages Democrats

Photo by Andy He on Unsplash

( – A News Nation/ Decision Desk HQ News poll has found that 32 percent of all voters believe that if in the 2024 election, the GOP is going to win control of both Congress chambers and the White House, then they would secure the U.S. border-blocking illegal immigrants from entering the country.

The majority of voters stated that the GOP was going to be prioritizing immigration if they won the presidential election. Thirty percent also noted that if the Republican party won in 2024 than they would focus on combatting inflation.

The poll found that among Republican voters there was an increased push for more attention to be placed at the U.S.-Mexico border, with 52 percent of Republican respondents arguing that the situation at the border needed to be the Republican’s top priority after the 2024 election. However, the survey also found that voters were not entirely convinced that constructing a border wall was going to help solve the border security problems on the southern border. Still, if the GOP managed to win both Congress and the White House, 25 percent of all respondents stated that the construction of a wall would be helpful.

Around 53 percent of the respondents of the survey stated that they supported an increase in the support provided by the federal government to address local and state government issues. More notably, Democratic voters were more supportive of this additional funding than the Republicans, with 73 percent of Democrats and only 38 percent of Republican respondents backing such funding efforts.

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