Democrats Blame WHO For Illegals?

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, the Democratic mayors of Denver and Chicago placed the blame for the “crisis” in the U.S.- Mexico border on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) as they have claimed that his way of handling migration has caused “chaos.”

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson stated during their joint interview on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” that they were frustrated by the arrival of migrants in their cities through airplanes and buses.

However, Johnston stated that he had not considered the possibility of turning some of those buses away, in the way that other city mayors had. However, he did request that city officials receive notification prior to the arrival of the buses and that all of the buses should arrive in the city during working hours and should stop at a regular bus stop.

As he argued, all they were looking for was a system that would be humanitarian for all of the migrants arriving into the city, as well as the employees of the city. He added that they understood there would be inflow, and they had already had approximately 35,000 migrants in Denver that they had helped and had integrated them into the country. However, what he did not want was to have buses reaching the city at 2 a.m., or to have children and women without any support having to stay outside in 10-degree weather. This was why they were calling for the buses to arrive in the cities at a bus station or stop during working hours.

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