Biden Turns Down Chance To Fix The Border

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – President Joe Biden has argued that he is not intending to take executive action that would help secure the United States border, arguing that it was necessary for a legislative solution to be implemented. 

On Monday, Biden had been asked about the option of adding safeguards to the Southern border unilaterally. This move would resemble some of former President Donald Trump’s controversial actions after he had taken office. 

Following his visit to New Hampshire, Biden had told reporters on Air Force One that he was counting on border action being taken by “itself” and Congress passing it.

After the failure of the Senate bipartisan bill that would have reformed the U.S. border policy and would have addressed the border crisis, Biden appeared to be willing to look into possible executive action that would help tackle the border crisis. 

Previously an administration source had told Fox News that the President was looking at executive action that he could use to limit the migrants who could apply for asylum and that this was only one of the plans being considered. 

On Monday, reporters had told Biden that thus far Congress had not made a bipartisan agreement. In response, Biden argued that they had not done so yet but that he was “helping them.” After taking office Biden had revoked many of Trump’s executive orders that had been focused on securing the U.S.-Mexico border. At the time many Democrats and immigration activists had supported the action taken by Biden. 

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