Biden Says Border Crisis Not His Fault?

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – President Joe Biden responded to a question by Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich stating that the U.S. southern border has not been secure in the last decade.

Biden’s response had come shortly before addressing a bipartisan group of mayors at the White House on Friday. When Heinrich had asked Biden whether the border was secure, Biden was quick to answer that it was not and argued that he had not believed that the border had been secure in the last 10 years. He added that this is something he has been saying for a decade and argued that he needed the funds.

Biden’s recent comments about the U.S. border come as he tries to seek a supplemental spending package to deal with the surge of migrants at the border. However, the deal is currently stuck in Congress. The legislation would also include border measures that would be meeting the demands that the Congress GOP has set, as they have stalled the funding which would also include additional foreign aid to be sent to Ukraine for their fight against Russia.

President Biden has stated that he hoped that the Senate was going to reach a border deal, but that any deal would have a harder time passing in the lower chamber as Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is dealing with a lot of pressure from the House Republican hardliners who are unlikely to accept a bipartisan deal.

On Friday during his speech, Biden argued that they needed significant policy changes, including alterations to the asylum system and ways to make sure that the required authorities are present to secure the border. As he said he was “ready to act.”

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