1st Female Marine Elected To Congress

Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Aliscia Andrews, the deputy secretary of Homeland Security in Virginia and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran has stated that she was aiming to become the first female former Marine to be elected into Congress.

During an interview with Fox News Digital, she announced that she would be joining the 10th Congressional District race in an attempt to flip that which is currently being held by a Democrat. The seat in question is currently held by Rep Jennifer Wexton (D) who has already announced that she would be seeking reelection.

The Republicans had lost that House seat in 2018. As Andrews noted she had joined the Marine Corps at the age of 20 and at the time she had no idea of what she had gotten herself into. However, as she noted the experience had helped shape her as a person. During the interview, she spoke about her time working as a Marine intelligence analyst and the stress that had been placed on her as she knew the impact that every decision could have.

When asked her reasons for joining the Congressional race, Andres had argued that it was because of the national security, economic, and education risks that the people in her district had been facing. She added that currently, things were not improving, and stated that the federal government was being very slow in dealing with all of these issues.

In her campaign announcement video, Andrews noted her experience and spoke about addressing the economic and border issues that the country is facing.

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