Trump Official Talks About His Prison Sentence

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

( – Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro had claimed that he was “pissed” that he would be going to prison. On Tuesday, Navarro had to report to prison to begin his four-month sentence in Miami for having previously failed to be in compliance with a congressional subpoena. 

As he argued he was currently feeling “pissed” about what had transpired and that there was only one thing that he was afraid of. As he pointed out he was scared because what they had been doing could end up having a “chilling effect” regardless of the party involved. He added that if they had come after him it was possible for them to go after anyone. 

U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts had rejected the last attempt made by Navarro to not have to report to prison after he noted in the motion that he would be appealing his conviction of being in contempt of Congress. 

During the press conference, Navarro opened up by stating that reporters might want to look into his “little story” about why he was going to prison. He had proceeded to suggest that perhaps reporters would need to “fact-check” him on this attack on the constitutional separation of powers as the justice system was being weaponized against him. He added that when he walked into prison that day the justice system would have made an attack on executive privilege and the constitutional separation of powers. 

Navarro had been found guilty last year of two counts of contempt of Congress relating to the subpoena sent by the House committee tasked with investigating the Jan. 6, Capitol attack. 

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