Trump Accuses Fox News Of What?

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

Fox News used to be one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters, but since Trump left office the relationship between the former president and the network has been strained. The 2024 presidential race is adding further to the tension in their relationship.

On Thursday, Trump said that Fox News was “always” trying to find any polling data available that would make him seem really bad. Trump took to Truth Social to write that he was going phenomenal in the polls, but that Fox News was deliberately trying to find the “outlier(s)” and pretend like those polls and the results they show are credible.

Currently, Trump is the only GOP candidate to have officially announced and launched his 2024 presidential bid. Speculations want Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be one of the most favored options in the poll, especially after his particularly decisive midterm win.

Last week, Fox News reported on a new poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center which showed DeSantis was leading ahead of Trump by 12 points, with 42 percent while Trump only had 30 percent support. that found DeSantis with a double-digit lead over Trump, 42 percent versus 30 percent, in a hypothetical 2024 matchup.

Despite everything FOX has maintained that Trump is an extremely “influential politician and powerful fundraiser in the Republican Party.”

Trump on the other hand has alleged that Fox News was working with of working with the conservative political action committee Club For Growth, who Trump had a falling out with last years.