Sheriff Sparks Fury After Telling Citizens To Do WHAT?

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

( – Florida Sheriff Bob Johnson of Santa Rosa County has been in the spotlight for his remarks endorsing the use of lethal force against home invaders, a stance that has stirred both criticism and support. In a 2022 press conference, Johnson expressed a preference for homeowners defending their property with gunfire, highlighting the cost savings to taxpayers and the definitive prevention of repeat offenses by deceased intruders. His comments, which align with Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, emphasize the right to defend one’s home without the obligation to retreat.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Johnson reiterated his belief in the right of homeowners to use firearms against intruders, citing a drop in home invasions since his initial statement and advocating for armed self-defense in the face of potential criminal harm. He also pointed out that his office provides gun safety and shooting accuracy training to residents, reinforcing his advocacy for armed self-protection.

Despite facing numerous death threats following his press conference, Johnson remains undeterred, attributing the threats to individuals from states with stricter gun laws and thus considering them non-threatening. He dismissed accusations of racial bias in his statements, clarifying that his comments were about a specific incident involving a Caucasian individual, and criticized the political correctness that often influences public officials.

Sheriff Johnson credits Governor Ron DeSantis’ strong stance on law enforcement and Second Amendment rights as enabling him to speak and act in support of residents’ rights to armed self-defense. Johnson, valuing straightforward communication and prioritizing public safety, continues to champion the right of Santa Rosa County residents to protect themselves, particularly in their homes.

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