School Orders Teen To Remove American Flag From Where?

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

( – Christopher Hartless, a teen from Virginia, has decided to leave school and become homeschooled instead of abiding by the demands high school officials made about him removing the two American flags that he has on his pickup truck.

Harless in an interview with Fox 19 argued that his family had fought for the country and he should have the right to fly the flags of the country that “they fought for.”

Christina Kingery, his stepmom revealed that Hartless had attended his high school in rural Bedford County last Wednesday with the two flags flying on his truck. However, he was informed by school administrators that he was required to remove them as they were distracting.

Hartless however argued that he did not understand how they could be considered distracting when there was an American flag on a flagpole that was visible to all the students in the high school.

Kingery revealed that she would support her son through this and help him stand for what he believes in.

The school reportedly informed Hartless that he needed to remove the flags and they proceeded to revoke his parking pass. In response, the teen choice to not attend school riding the bus and decided to instead be homeschooled.

Kingery revealed that her son would return to school only if the school officials changed their minds and allowed him to continue flying the American flags.

On Tuesday the high school in a press release noted that the school prohibited students from flying large flags and banners on their vehicle for the past decade as they could distract other student drivers who are trying to move through the school’s parking lot.

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