Mafia Boss Accuses Trump Of Doing What?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – “Living the Life: Unraveling the Hidden Chronicles of William ‘Big Billy’ D’Elia and America’s Most Dominant Mafia Family” is a compelling biographical work, exploring the life and times of former alleged mobster, Billy D’Elia. The narrative reveals his intricate links to the underworld power in Pennsylvania and beyond. The book provides an illuminating glimpse into the world of organized crime and shares intriguing encounters D’Elia had with ex-President Donald Trump.

D’Elia claimed to have had business dealings with Trump during his stint as a casino owner in Atlantic City during the 1980s. In his narrative, Trump miraculously managed to drop the price of a piece of real estate by $1 million, with nothing more than a coin toss.

As per federal authorities, D’Elia, known colloquially as “Big Billy,” was at the helm of the Buffalino Crime Family in Pennsylvania for an extended period. These sources further divulge that his lineage includes the notorious Russel Buffalino, once described by Robert F. Kennedy as “among the most relentless and influential” mob bosses in the nation. Upon Buffalino’s demise, leadership of the criminal organization was passed down to D’Elia, a figure held in high regard amongst mob families across the country.

D’Elia also opened up about his commercial ties with Trump, specifically when Trump possessed a portfolio of casinos in New Jersey’s shoreline areas, including the “Trump Taj Mahal,” “The Trump Marina Hotel and Casino,” and “The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.” He voiced his opinions about Trump, stating that the latter’s character remains the same – still untrustworthy and haughty.

The enlightening chronicle of D’Elia’s life is the work of Matt Birkbeck, an experienced journalist who has spent decades covering the Buffalino Crime Family. His earlier work includes the biography “The Quiet Don,” centered around Russell Buffalino.

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