Hunter Biden Suffers Terrible Defeat In Court

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – On Monday, a California federal judge ruled against Hunter Biden as he was trying to get the tax charges against him dismissed.

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden is currently facing six misdemeanor and three felony charges in relation to his tax evasion efforts. According to the case, Hunter Biden had filed a false return and had failed to pay his taxes between 2016 and 2019. Last month it was argued by his legal team that the case against him was politically motivated and that it had been tainted as two IRS agents in the case had later become whistleblowers. 

Hunter’s legal team had filed a total of eight motions in order to get the charges dismissed, with each one containing a different legal rationale explaining why the cases should be dismissed. However, Judge Mark Scarsi ended up finding that the case against Biden should proceed and that the case was not political. He also pointed out that Biden’s legal team had failed to provide any evidence that helped support the allegations that the case against him was politically motivated. 

The judge pointed out that what was remarkable about the case is that it does not include any evidence or request for judicial notice, but rather that the defendant has included a number of social media posts, and online news sources as part of their citations. As he pointed out these citations were not evidence and most of them included hearsay in varying degrees. 

He also dismissed Biden’s arguments about vindictive prosecution allowing the case to move forward. 

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