Hunter Biden Fighting To Stay Sober

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Hunter Biden allegedly claimed during a new interview that he believes his sobriety battle was crucial to blocking former President Donald Trump from winning back the White House in November. 

As he told Axios, the most important thing was to believe that you were worth the effort as this is the only way to be able to get sober. He added though that he often believes that if he fails in this there could be “profound consequences” in his case. 

He then claimed that this was perhaps the “ultimate test for a recovering addict” and that he has always been impressed by people who managed to remain sober even as they faced obstacles. He added that those were the people that he drew inspiration from. 

Hunter Biden argued that in his case there was something larger than himself at stake as they are currently in a fight that could shape the future of the country’s democracy. He then pointed out that he felt obligated to remain “clean and sober” in this fight and that he feels a sense of responsibility to everyone fighting sobriety battles. He added that regardless of whether someone has been sober for two months, two years, or even 10 years there was still one part of their brain that would tell them that there was “one answer.”

Hunter Biden also gave advice to all those going through recovery stating that they needed to embrace the state that they had entered recovery in and understand that it is necessary for them to change everything. 

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