Georgia Republican Caught Voting Illegally

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

( – A judge this week ruled that Georgia GOP Party’s vice president Brian Pritchard had illegally voted while on probation for check forgery.

On Wednesday, Pritchard who was found to have illegally voted nine times was instructed to pay $5,000 in civil penalties while also receiving from the State Election Board a public reprimand for his conduct. 

The Hill received access to the ruling of Administrative Law Judge Lisa Boggs. 

In 1996 Pritchard, who is the owner and host of was put on probation after he pleaded guilty to check forgery charges. Originally he was put on probation for three years, but that was extended until 2021. The reason for the repeated extensions of the probationary period was that Pritchard had reportedly failed to pay restitution according to the court documents. It was also noted that Pritchard had repeatedly maintained that he did not owe any money. 

In 2008, when Pritchard registered with the Gilmer County Board of Elections he was made to sign a form that explicitly stated that he had not been convicted of “a felony involving moral turpitude.” 

In the cross-examination, Pritchard claimed that he did not know that there was something that might have prevented him from registering to vote. He added that he did not believe that in 2008 there were three years remaining in his probation and that his last involvement with any criminal cases had been from 1999. 

In 2008 Pritchard had voted in four GOP primary and general elections and in 2010 he had voted in five primary, special, and general elections that had taken place in Georgia. This is despite still being on probation in Pennsylvania. 

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