Democrats Unveil Plan To Take Control Of Supreme Court

Photo by Bill Mason on Unsplash

( – Democrats are pushing for the Department of Justice to launch a probe into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s relationship with several Republican donors following the recent reports about him accepting gifts that he failed to include in his financial disclosures.

On Friday, five Democratic congressmen sent a letter to Merrick Garland, the U.S. Attorney General, in which they cited the recent ProPublica report which reported on Thomas receiving multiple luxury gifts, vacations, and other benefits from several billionaires. Among the gifts reported was also the private boarding school tuition of his grandnephew which was under his legal custody.

According to the Ethics of Government Act, justices are required to include in their financial disclosure forms all reimbursements and gifts they might receive. As the letter pointed out those who violated this could end up facing criminal and civil legal penalties.

Thomas’ relationship with billionaire Harlan Crow was put at the forefront because of the many different gifts Thomas’ has received from Crow. His wife Virginia “Ginni” Thomas has also received a lot of criticism over his support of pressuring state officials to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Lawmakers have also argued that Thomas abused his position to raise more funds for the Horatio Alger Association, a nonprofit organization that is connected to a number of conservative families. The letter points out that Thomas’ failure to include these disclosures shows his clear “disregard for judicial ethics.”

The five Democrats who sent the letter included Reps. Jamie Raskin, Jerry Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ted Lieu, and Henry Johnson Jr.

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