Criminal Who Knocked Out Old Man Pays The Ultimate Price

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – In Texas, a good Samaritan with a gun license reportedly shot a man while at a smokehouse. The suspect had reportedly knocked out an older man in the smokehouse’s bathroom prior to being shot.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office first received the call from the Smokehouse in Centerville on Aug. 14. Authorities have so far revealed that the suspect, Kevin Craig Anderson, had gone to the smokehouse and had been aggressive towards many of the customers that were already in the establishment. The sheriff’s office further noted that the man is not originally from Centerville, but he is rather from Houston which is around 115 miles away.

The sheriff’s office revealed in a Facebook post that Anderson had allegedly entered the bathroom of the Woody smokehouse and had proceeded to attack and knock an elderly man unconscious. Even after the man was knocked out, Anderson reportedly continued to assault him.

However, a good Samaritan with a gun license attempted to stop Anderson from proceeding with his attack on the elderly man. This only led to Anderson turning his attention to the armed man whom he tried to assault. During the attack, the Good Samaritan had taken out his weapon and fired two shots at the suspect.

After being shot in the right arm, Anderson attempted to flee the scene by using his vehicle. However, authorities were able to find him sitting in his car on a close-by highway. He was then taken to a local hospital while the police are still investigating this case.

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