China Sneaking What Into American Classrooms?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – Parents and teachers are going to have to be on the lookout for drugs as new vapes have emerged that look like highlighters or other school gear rather than vapes.

There are also kid-friendly flavored versions of the vapes available in highlight shapes, including strawberry banana, blueberry ice, and mango favors.

Patrol Sergeant Stefan Bjes, who has been serving in the Chicago suburbs police department for more than 19 years, has warned that vapes are available in a variety of stores across the nation. Bjes who had previously worked as a school resource officer noted that these kinds of disposable vapes are in fact illegal in the United States, despite this they are easily available in stores across the nation.

Apart from the known risks of vaping, which include damage to the lungs, gum disease, nicotine addiction, and even oral cancers, Bjes has stated that there are also hidden dangers connected to those vapes. As he pointed out these flavored disposable vapes are in large part the driving force behind the “youth vaping epidemic.”

As he claimed these types of vapes are being brought into the country from China without any type of regulation. The lack of regulation could mean that there are dangerous substances inside the vapes that could damage the health of the user in the long term. There is also no way of knowing exactly what is inside these vapes, this is why he has pushed for parents to discuss vapes with their children while also pushing for the government to regulate these vapes.

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