Blue State Begins Releasing Illegals

Photo by Sawyer Bengtson on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the city of Chicago announced that there would be 34 migrants released from migrant shelters on Sunday. This move is after a previous extension that had limited the originally planned releases. 

In a statement, Mayor Brandon Johnson noted that the city was focused on showcasing compassion and “encouraging resettlement” while also giving extensions that would be focused on the safety, health, stability, and self-sufficiency of these people. 

Chicago is one of the cities in the country that has struggled to provide housing to all the migrants that have entered the city. So far, the city has sheltered 14,700 people who were later released because of resettlement. Over 5,000 people have also been reunited with their friends and family in other states. 

Those people who are going to be released over the weekend have received special extensions, including the ones usually given to families and children. Migrants exiting the shelters are being given the option to return to the “Landing Zone” where they reapply for access to beds in shelters subject to availability. 

The city has been having a hard time keeping up with the immigrant influx. Chicago has also allocated additional resources towards resettlement while also increasing shelter time for many migrants. 

Johnson noted that the limited resources available in the city could not cover all of the needs of new arrivals and that they constantly needed to reassess available options to ensure better care for everyone in Chicago. 

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