Biden’s Press Secretary Shuts Down Interview Over Tough Questions

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – During a recent interview with a local radio station in North Carolina, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre abruptly ended the conversation, leaving the interviewer and host taken aback. This occurred on a Tuesday when Jean-Pierre was speaking with Mark Garrison, the News Director of 99.3 WBT Charlotte, in anticipation of President Biden’s trip to Raleigh. The interaction was later discussed on “The Brett Winterble Show,” where snippets of the interview were broadcasted.

A controversial moment arose when Garrison inquired about President Biden’s mental health, suggesting he might have dementia—a query based on concerns some individuals had expressed to him. Jean-Pierre found the question deeply disrespectful, opting not to engage with its premise, labeling it as an unnecessary detour into offensive territory.

Subsequently, Garrison shifted the conversation towards economic issues, questioning how Biden could secure votes amid rising costs for essentials like gas and groceries. Jean-Pierre defended the President, highlighting his empathy and proactive measures to alleviate economic strains, particularly pointing out the challenges inherited from the previous administration and the impact of global events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on fuel prices.

The call ended abruptly after Jean-Pierre’s comprehensive response on the administration’s economic actions, with Garrison and Winterble expressing surprise and discussing the interview’s abrupt conclusion. Garrison felt shortchanged in time and was taken aback by the sudden end to the call, especially since he had more questions to ask. Additional excerpts from the interview were planned for future broadcast.

The White House responded to inquiries about the interview’s abrupt end, with Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates explaining that Jean-Pierre had a tight schedule of back-to-back interviews, each allocated seven minutes. Bates criticized the station for not airing the entire interview and for adding misleading sound effects post-call.

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