You Won’t Believe What Just Sold for $72k

You Won't Believe What Just Sold for $72k

( – It’s incredible the extravagant amounts of money some people will spend on a precious hobby. One person might collect old baseball cards, while another might prefer tracking down historical items like ancient Bibles or items owned by our founding fathers. One person apparently loves rock and roll legend Elvis Presley so much, they spent $72,500 purchasing a baseball-sized clump of the famous singer’s hair.

According to Kruse GWS Auctions, the sale came with extensive documentation proving the hair belonged to Elvis. The auction house claims Elvis’s personal barber, Homer Gilleland, collected the hair over the course of multiple haircuts. Gilleland served the superstar for two decades, during which time he’d collected the hair in a plastic bag and gifted it to friend Thomas Morgan. At some point, someone moved Presley’s hair to the sealed jar, but records don’t suggest when that occurred.

The extensive documentation included plane tickets for the barber to go on the road and keep the singer looking good. John Reznikoff, the world’s most trusted person in the area of hair collecting, signed the certificate of authenticity.

Elvis’s hair wasn’t the only item that sold for big money. The signer’s iconic jumpsuit from the 1972 Madison Square Garden concert sold for $1,012,500.

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