You Won’t Believe What Chinese Soak Eggs In

You Won't Believe What Chinese Soak Eggs In

( – Every country in the world seems to have some sort of special dish people exclusively find in that part of the world. In America, many people see what other countries consider delicacies as disturbing — but it might be safe to say that much of the world would find this Chinese recipe disgusting.

The dish in question is known as Tong Zi Dan, which translates directly to “boy egg.” The springtime dish is traditional and utilizes the urine of pre-pubescent boys, which is why locals in the city of Dongyang in the Zhejiang province call the delicacy “virgin boy eggs.” The boys are often peasants and under the age of 10.

First, the person making the eggs soaks them in the urine, which they source locally. Next, they boil the eggs on a stovetop. Once they’ve boiled the eggs, the vendors crack the eggshells completely around the egg’s surface. The person making the eggs then places them back into fresh urine, replacing the old urine, and repeats the process over and over again for about a day on average.

The virgin boy eggs are similar to century eggs insofar as their curing process, which uses black tea, lime, salt and wood ash as preservatives, and their historical origins. When the vendor finishes cooking the boy eggs, the egg whites are no longer white. Instead, they appear to have a light golden color, with the yolk possessing a green tint. While century eggs have become popular around the globe, virgin boy eggs may not see their tradition spread to other parts of the world, likely due to the use of urine.

Surely, many people appreciate virgin boy eggs haven’t gone mainstream as other delicacies have. They may be China’s most disgusting dish.

What do you think? Would you try them, given the chance?

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