Yes, the Kardashian Family Is Just As Rude As They Seem on TV

Yes, the Kardashian Family Is Just As Rude As They Seem on TV

( – There is a simple fact in life: Celebrities generally receive different treatment than others. The way a star handles the preferential treatment may show the difference between poise and rudeness. For years, the Kardashian family has graced the cover of magazines and put their life in front of the entire world through their reality television series. So, when they head to Disneyland, they don’t have to wait in line.

On Thursday, April 14, Newsweek reported Disneyland shut down park rides so the Kardashians could enjoy them privately and safely. A video showed Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and younger sister Kylie Jenner, enjoying the rides alone with their kids. Meanwhile, park officials forced massive crowds who waited in line to watch the nearly empty ride while the Kardashians snapped selfies and enjoyed themselves line-free.

On social media, people complained about the longer-than-usual wait. Some wondered why onlookers couldn’t enjoy the empty seats on the ride.

So, are the Kardashians really the rude, self-absorbed people they play on television? Not only did a video speak for itself, but so might some of the pictures. According to People Magazine, Khloe admitted they photoshopped pictures to include their kids, who weren’t present.

Was it all a stunt for ratings? Hulu just released “The Kardashians’” new season, so you be the judge.

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