Yabba Dabba Property Dispute FINALLY Settled


(TruthandLiberty.com) РFor 50 years, people of all ages cherished the Flintstones cartoon for its wit, humor, and impression of stone-age life. In a San Francisco suburb, one die-hard fan took a unique approach to sharing her love of all things yabba dabba doo. Florence Fang, a retired publishing mogul, built her home in the image of the iconic cartoon family’s house.

Unfortunately, local government officials didn’t share her love for the lighthearted and delightful cartoon. They quickly took issue with her landscaping, calling her brightly colored house a public eyesore and nuisance.

The Town of Hillsborough took Fang to court in 2019, after she failed to stop adding features to her multi-million dollar property. The beloved Flinstone homeowner countersued, claiming the city violated her property rights.

On April 27, 2021, both cases came to an abrupt end. Once again, Fred Flinstone was the winner. The two sides agreed to settle the matter out of court, and the town agreed to review and approve Fang’s landscaping improvements. Fang decided to apply for building permits as required by Hillsborough’s ordinances. The municipality also agreed to pay Fang $127,000 when she drops her lawsuit.

Yabba dabba doo, in the end, all sides are happy.

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