World Leader Under Investigation for Parties in Lockdown

World Leader Under Investigation for Parties in Lockdown

( – A major scandal is brewing in the United Kingdom, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fighting for his political life. The controversy stems from allegations the Prime Minister and his office (also known as No10) broke the law on June 19, 2020, the day of Johnson’s birthday. At the time, the European country had extensive laws and rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The UK had some of the most restrictive COVID-19 mitigation efforts in 2020 and 2021. The government provided detailed guidance on what people could and couldn’t do in offices and other similar settings. Police are investigating whether the prime minister or those around him broke any laws inside Downing Street during the COVID-19 restrictions. Johnson’s opponents appear to smell blood in the water and are preparing to position parliament for a possible vote of no confidence and removal of Johnson from office.

Johnson Denies Lockdown Parties Amidst a Growing Removal Movement

On Monday, January 24, news broke that Prime Minister Boris Johnson participated in an indoor party to celebrate his 56th birthday in 2020. At the time, UK law banned indoor social activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Allegedly, Johnson’s fiancee at the time surprised him with a birthday party at Downing Street, and 30 staffers attended.

Administration officials say only a few people attended to wish the PM a happy birthday. They refuse to characterize the event as a party. No10 says Johnson was present for less than ten minutes after a brief staff gathering. The administration also denies any family or friends partied at the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Partygate is now a full-blown controversy as some accuse Johnson of rules for thee but not for me. Some say the Tories are wavering in their support of the prime minister, and those close to Johnson say the game might be over.

Prime Minister Cooperating With Authorities

Johnson publicly stated that he didn’t break any laws during the pandemic. He says he welcomes the investigation and will cooperate fully. It’s extraordinarily rare for police to investigate a sitting prime minister in a criminal probe.

Officials also suggested it’s unusual to investigate this late after the alleged incident. Law enforcement officials say an investigation is only warranted when the allegations are serious, flagrant and if participants knew or should have known they were breaking the law. The police added the Cabinet answered all their questions, and officials decided enough information was available to open an investigation.

Although the Partygate probe could take weeks before a finding is determined, politicians appear to be turning on Johnson. No10 says it’s bracing for a Tory mutiny, and 54 letters of no confidence would trigger a vote. If parliament votes no confidence in the prime minister, it would be the end of Johnson’s administration. The government would announce a new general election to appoint a new prime minister.

Expect updates as the story evolves.

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