Women Charged for Having Emotional Distress

Women Charged for Having Emotional Distress

(TruthandLiberty.com) – If you look at the breakdown of a hospital bill, you might be surprised to learn hospitals charge patients for virtually anything and everything. It’s getting so out of hand the federal government recently mandated hospitals and medical providers post their rates and make them accessible to patients. Unfortunately, very few are complying with federal regulations. It’s no surprise considering some of the outrageous things hospitals are charging patients.

Would you expect to be billed for crying? Doesn’t it seem that would be a bit abusive? A woman who went into the hospital to remove a mole would say so. She received notice of an additional charge for tearing up during the procedure. The hospital’s billing code was “Brief Emotion.”

Ridiculous and inflated charges are nothing new. There are countless stories of hospitals billing for obscure items. While an $11 charge for crying is a bit much, imagine being billed $600 to remove stitches. What about $16,000 to sit in a room, hyped up on drugs, and then told to go home because it’s a kidney stone? How about this one: $1,400 for a Band-Aid?

When will it be enough?

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