Woman Sets Unofficial World Record for Doing THIS on All Fours

Woman Sets Unofficial World Record for Doing THIS On All Fours

(TruthandLiberty.com) – People try all the time to break unique world records. One achievement many people set their eyes on is beating track speed times. However, a Canadian woman took a unique approach to becoming a world champion. On Monday, August 9, 38-year-old Julie McCann of Vernon, British Columbia, unofficially broke a 100-meter record with a time of 22.99 seconds.

For anyone familiar with track and running, that might not sound like a significant achievement. That’s because McCann’s record time wasn’t upright. She was running on all fours. To qualify for the world record, the new mom needed to beat the mandated 25-second goal set by the Guinness World Records.

McCann said her inspiration came from reading about a man who broke the men’s record of 15.71 seconds in November 2015. The soon-to-be unofficial titleholder gave birth to her little girl and felt the unique desire to get active again. The aspiring athlete added that she’s run on all fours since age three and thought a fun hobby could turn into something more meaningful. Now, she’s unofficially a world champion.

McCann said witness accounts and video of her record attempt are on the way to Guinness World Records. Once acknowledged, she expects to receive her well-earned title.

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