Woman Divorcing Herself After Meeting Someone Else

Woman Divorcing Herself After Meeting Someone Else

(TruthandLiberty.com) – There’s good news about divorce rates in America despite being one of the highest in the world. The United States sees approximately 750,000 divorces each year, but the rate is down. Now, you can count a Brazilian international supermodel who married herself in September among the divorced statistics.

You read that right… 33-year-old Cris Galera told herself, it’s not you; it’s me. The union didn’t work out after she recently fell in love with a special someone other than herself.

Galera said she was tired of relying on men when she married herself in a formal wedding ceremony. Instead of feeling disappointed because she didn’t have a groom, the superstar model said she embraced her desire to go it alone. Her wedding dress was white, elegant and revealing. The supermodel said it was on purpose. She wanted to show off her best features, which she believes are her breasts. She must have had an interesting, non-traditional wedding night.

The marriage to herself lasted only 90 days. The divorcee said she was happy while the marriage to herself lasted. Leaving herself for another must have been a unique experience. All-in-all, she’s handling the personal rejection well. After committing to herself, Galera said love with another person found her unexpectedly. She said it was a moment of instant maturation when the model realized she was a determined and strong woman.

Divorce may not be for everyone, but in Galera’s case, divorcing herself was her only option for true love.

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