Woman Dies in a Freak Accident

Women Dies in a Freak Accident

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Avoiding safety protocols in certain work environments can lead to severe injuries, hospitalizations and even death. Many people who work with machinery accidentally lose body parts to freak accidents. Factory work may not seem dangerous, but in the wrong circumstances, it can be deadly. A 21-year-old woman learned this lesson the hard way.

Umida Nazarova had her entire life in front of her. The young woman was planning a wedding, and she was seven weeks pregnant. She applied for a job at a company that manufactures welding wire and electrodes for welding applications. While an employee showed her around the plant, the unthinkable happened. The employee looked away to make an annotation. When she turned around, she saw the potential new hire on the ground, unconscious and surrounded by blood.

Nazarova’s long hair had gotten stuck in a machine. As the hair wrapped around her neck, it pulled her into the device, ripping off her scalp. If not for that, she likely would have died due to strangulation. Unfortunately, she and her unborn baby passed away 20 days later because of her injuries. Authorities charged the employee with neglect and failure to fulfill her duties. The factory paid for Nazarova’s funeral.

This tragedy is an example of what can happen when people ignore safety precautions. Anytime someone with long hair is working around machinery, they should bind it and cover their head to protect from this kind of accident.

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