Woman Arrested After Harassing 911 With 12,512 Calls This Year

Woman Arrested After Harassing 911 With 12,512 Calls This Year

911 Caller Learns The HARD WAY – Crying Wolf Doesn’t End Well

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Across the United States, police dispatchers receive over 600,000 calls daily. Many aren’t emergencies, and 911 operators normally redirect these callers to non-emergency numbers. Still, what should they do when someone contacts their local precinct hundreds of times per day to harass its workers? In Tampa Bay, Florida, 51-year-old Carla Jefferson called 911 over 12,000 times over the last eight months. One day in July, she harassed law enforcement 512 times in 24 hours.

St. Petersburg Police Department Spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez told the local media the woman wasn’t looking for help. Instead, Jefferson harasses, swears at, and degrades those who answer the calls. Fernandez said she was interfering with dispatchers’ ability to help residents with legitimate needs who need services. Her disruptions accounted for 10% of all phone traffic to the department.

In June, police arrested Jefferson after repeated warnings. They even dispatched a mental health professional to intervene but to no avail. Fernandez stated officers talked with her in person, through the telephone, and via legal letters. Still, she persisted to the point the authorities had to file charges against her.

On Monday, August 15, law enforcement arrested and charged the woman with three misdemeanor crimes. They allege she made phone calls harassing staff and misused the 911 system.

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