Wisconsin Worker Shot Over a $3 Burger

Wisconsin Worker Shot Over a 3 Dollar Burger

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Progressively, the world seems more dangerous. Several years ago, road rage was all over the news. Some people became so unhinged they tailgated aggressively, got out of their cars at stoplights to pick altercations or sometimes worse. Now, just working serving the public may be hazardous to your health. In Wisconsin, a 26-year-old restaurant worker faced a horrifying ordeal over a $3 hamburger.

Anthony Rodriquez was working alone around midnight at a local restaurant. Two sisters complained their order was missing a hamburger. When they told Rodriquez they wouldn’t pay for their food, he took it and threw it away before asking them to leave. Instead, they grew angrier and angrier until they became violent. Bryanna and Breanta Johnson began viciously punching Rodriguez. They body-slammed him to the floor and then shot him in the face. The young man said he thought he would die on the restaurant floor.

Rodriguez sustained injuries to his neck and tongue and also suffered a fractured spine. He noted a bullet remained lodged in his throat. Doctors don’t yet know his long-term prognosis.

Authorities arrested the 20-year-old Johnson sisters, twins, four days after the attack. They each face a single count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and could face 65 years in prison.

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