Will We Have a Government Shutdown?

Will We Have a Government Shutdown?

(TruthandLiberty.com) – On Tuesday, September 21, House Democrats passed a bill that they say would halt a government shutdown and prevent a debt ceiling crisis. By linking the two issues together, Democrats believe they can force the GOP to vote for the bill or face potential political repercussions from voters. However, the GOP says in light of the Democrat’s push to enact a $3.2 trillion far-left proposal that would begin the transition from America’s capitalist economy to a socialist hybrid, they won’t support raising the debt ceiling.

Democrats are in a precarious situation. There isn’t enough time to insert a debt ceiling measure into their reconciliation package. As it stands, the Democratic infighting over the massive bill will either delay it well into October, or it could die altogether.

In either case, it appears there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. If avoiding a shutdown were important to the Left, they would wait until 2022 to try and pass their agenda, using reconciliation now to raise the debt ceiling. If they did, Democrats would need to specify how high the debt ceiling will go, which is a politically risky move.

Without raising the debt ceiling, the Treasury Department would start evaluating what to pay and what not to pay. It’s entirely possible the government could partially shut down in October or November. Neither side appears ready to compromise. It’s too early to know who the public would blame if the government shuts down. However, the polls don’t look good for Democrats heading into the 2022 election cycle.

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