Will Smith Endures Embarrassment of a Lifetime — From His Own Wife

Will Smith Endures Embarrassment of a Lifetime -- From His Own Wife

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Over the last two weeks, Will Smith’s violent slap against Oscar host and comedian Chris Rock has gripped the entertainment world. Afterward, Smith apologized to those in attendance during his acceptance speech and, later, to Rock. One of the world’s most famous actors, Will Smith, attempted to defend his wife’s honor when Rock made a joke about her that Smith deemed offensively over the top.

Since then, Smith has endured jokes, commentary, and memes about the slap. Recently, the 53-year-old checked himself into rehab for celebrities over the intense stress. An unknown source cited by the Guardian said the backlash hit Smith hard, and the actor was battling for his career’s future. During his time away, Smith will allegedly pursue a lot of soul-searching and figuring out how to move forward.

In 2018, Jada Pinkett Smith said during her taping of The Red Table she never wanted to marry and only did so because she was pregnant. The couple has talked openly about their struggles and their open marriage. Still, during the same episode of The Red Table, Smith said all he ever wanted was to marry Jada and have a family with her. In a separate 2019 video clip, Jada filmed Will on the spot, asking him sensitive questions, to which Will responded he didn’t appreciate his wife filming him to share on social media without his consent.

Neither of the two has commented on the resurfaced videos or the state of their marriage over the last two weeks.

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