Why The Simpsons are So Good at Predicting the Future


(TruthandLiberty.com) – For nearly 30 years, audiences have revered the Simpsons as one of America’s great pastimes. Families have enjoyed the entertainment of a simple but funny cartoon for decades. Did you know that the Simpsons may not be as simple as you thought? You might not be aware that the show makes regular headlines for accurately predicting the future. It got the invention of smartwatches right and the election of former President Donald Trump, among many others.

How did the inventors of the beloved show do it? Well, if you’re a math wizard, you probably know the answer. Many of the people involved in the show’s production were huge math buffs. Math references started right out of the gate on the first episode. You just had to know what to look for during each show. One producer studied mathematics at Harvard, and another was a former algorithm researcher at Yale.

The most accomplished child of the Simpson family is Lisa. Lovers of the show should remember she’s a math nerd and lover of trigonometry. Most of the math references come through her character, but not all of them. The funniest math references are usually reserved for the family oaf known as Homer. He’s the last character one would expect any level of intelligence from, but he pulls it off well, even if it’s by accident. With so many great minds behind the project, it’s no wonder they’ve had so many surprising hits.

The next time you take a moment to sit down and watch your favorite episode of the Simpsons, remember to look for the math. You may dazzle your family and friends with your Simpsons trivia knowledge — and you might even find a clue or two predicting the future.

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