Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Plan to Stop Microaggressions Against Kamala

Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Plan to Stop Microaggressions Against Kamala

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks People Don’t Like Kamala Harris

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In a new book titled “This Will Not Pass,” New York Times journalists Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns detail how Vice President Kamala Harris felt slighted by the West Wing. The two said Harris doesn’t appreciate that staffers, who stand when President Biden walks in the room to show respect for his position as president, don’t stand for her.

On Monday, May 2, Martin and Burns appeared on ABC’s “The View.” While discussing who could replace Biden on the presidential ticket if he doesn’t run in 2024, Martin stated Harris’ lack of experience or relationships within the Democratic establishment hurt her ability to serve Biden as his vice president. He explained that might be at the root of why she isn’t receiving the same respect as Biden, although she believes she deserves it.

Burns pointed out to “The View” co-hosts his belief that part of the problem was related to Harris’ gender and race. He said Biden’s staff is largely Caucasian and male and has worked with the president for a long time. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said the little microaggressions against Harris needed to stop, and the aggressors needed to leave the White House if they occurred again.

A microaggression is a routine verbal or nonverbal slight or snub that could be purposeful or unintentional. It communicates passive-aggressive hostility and is often a form of prejudice. Does the term apply in Harris’ case, or is Goldberg blowing the issue out of proportion?

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