White Liberals More Likely to Use Term LatinX Than Minorities, Study Finds

White Liberals More Likely to Use Term LatinX Than Minorities, Study Finds

(TruthandLiberty.com) – For two decades, Democrats thought they would build permanent majorities on the backs of minority voters. In recent years, the Democratic Party has been hemorrhaging Hispanic supporters. It was bound to happen. As with so many liberal Democrats, they try to put people into racial buckets.

Now, a new survey says just 3% of voters prefer the woke gender-neutral term “Latinx” to refer to anyone Hispanic. Interestingly, most people who use the term are leftist Caucasian Democrats.

Liberals use “Latinx” as a gender-neutral noun and pronoun. The problem is Spanish is a largely gender-driven language, and the neutral term isn’t popular among Spanish-speaking people. In fact, a new survey says it’s the least-preferred term among Hispanic voters. So, who’s using it?

  • Roughly 9% of white liberal voters feel it’s an appropriate term.
  • Only 3% of all registered voters use Latinx.
  • Among Hispanics, only 25% have even heard the term, and a mere 1% of Hispanic voters use it.

Pollsters found that 42% of voters say “Hispanic” is the proper term, including 55% of Hispanics. In addition, 26% said they preferred to be called by their nationality, and 15% used “Latino” or “Latina.”

It might make more sense to attract people by traditional labels that aren’t offensive to their target groups, although it seems that may violate Democrats’ sensitive, woke nature. And they wonder why Hispanics are fleeing Democrats for Republicans?

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