White House Says They Aren’t Banning AR-15 Ammunition

White House Says They Aren't Banning AR-15 Ammunition

White House Denies Anti-Gun Agenda – But Everyone Can See Right Through Them

(TruthandLiberty.com) – While the Biden administration may not legally ban AR-15 rifles, other options may be at the government’s disposal to discourage buyers from using the guns. In recent weeks, the public and lawmakers have debated how to stop deadly mass shootings while also protecting Second Amendment gun rights. Democrats want to eliminate guns, but if that’s not possible, perhaps they might eliminate the next best thing.

On Friday, June 17, a spokesperson for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) told the Washington Examiner some shocking news. Allegedly, the Biden administration may pivot to restricting gun makers from manufacturing or selling ammunition. Under current rules, Winchester Ammunition can sell surplus rounds on the civilian market once it meets US military needs. Some people would consider the practice a backdoor way to bypass Congress if enacted through executive orders.

By controlling the ammunition available for sale, the government could significantly drive up the price for people who own and use rifles similar to the AR-15; officials might even stop the sale of surplus bullets altogether. The Washington Examiner said that ammunition compatible with civilian rifles accounts for approximately 30% of the company’s sales.

The White House denied the report on Monday. Still, the NSSF said if the administration followed through, it would harm the military’s preparedness for combat and jeopardize up to 500 jobs. The foundation said that it and Winchester Ammunition strongly opposed any ban on bullet sales to the civilian marketplace.

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