White House Pushes to Censor Joe Rogan

White House Pushes to Censor Joe Rogan

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In 2020 and 2021, social media platforms censored former President Donald Trump and several conservatives. In 2020 and beyond, Democrats falsely labeled Trump an authoritarian. Yet, over the last year, President Joe Biden and his administration threatened citizens in Georgia, Republicans in general, and now, they’re calling for the censorship of a highly popular podcaster.

Once again, Democrats are trying to get around the First Amendment right to free speech.

Over the last many months, Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan interviewed several people the Biden administration considered controversial, to say the least. The government has no authority to stop people from protesting the president’s actions – freedom of speech is a protected right. Yet, the administration appears intent on publicly shaming Spotify into doing its will. On Tuesday, February 1, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House wants Spotify to “call out” misinformation and elevate facts on their platform.

The demand adds more questions than answers. What is misinformation, and whose facts are the authority? Rogan cited the use of cloth masks as once essential but now ineffective. He also talked about how vaccinated and boosted people can become infected with COVID-19 despite some narratives to the contrary last year.

In response to the criticism and pressure from stockholders and other artists, Spotify said it would add advisories on content company officials determine as potentially questionable information. Still, that wasn’t good enough for the supposed truth detectors at the White House. Psaki said it’s a good start, but it’s incomplete without removing the content.

So, is the government now deciding what’s true or not? How could that go wrong?

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