White House Enlists TikTok Influencers to Blame Gas Prices on Putin

White House Enlists Tik Tok Influencers to Blame Gas Prices on Putin

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Over the last year, the White House evolved its explanation for the rising gasoline prices. Since President Biden took office in January 2021, energy prices have increased every month of his presidency. At first, Biden blamed oil companies for the rising costs, then shifted the blame to supply-side crunches. Now, the White House says it’s Putin’s price hike. Much of the media isn’t open to that narrative, so the Biden administration found a way around the roadblock.

The administration decided to work with TikTok influencers to spread its new narrative, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the over $4 per gallon national average cost of gasoline. Days after the White House met with influencers, 18-year-old Ellie Zeiler told her more than 10 million viewers on TikTok why the administration says gas is so expensive. Zeiler was one of 30 TikTok influencers on a March 10 Zoom meeting with White House officials.

So, will the influencers persuade their audiences of Biden’s misleading narrative? First, they may not ask questions the way the White House press corp does, if they ask any at all. Interestingly, Zeiler didn’t mention a word about gas prices rising from January 2021 to January 2022, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She also didn’t say a word about the Keystone XL pipeline or Biden’s ban on oil leases on federal lands.

Will young people fall for the narrative? It may be too early to tell. Still, if polling says anything, it indicates most Americans disapprove of Biden’s energy policies.

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