White House Claims Putin Is About to Carry Out a “False Flag” Attack

White House Claims Putin Is About to Carry Out a

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In early December, Russian President Vladimir Putin assembled 100,000 soldiers along the Ukraine/Russian border. The Russians claim they don’t intend to invade the former Soviet bloc country, but they are unhappy with Ukraine and other former Soviet countries considering joining NATO. Russia recently gave the West an ultimatum: back off or prepare for war.

On Friday, January 14, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed US officials believe Russia will conduct a false flag operation designed to look like Ukraine attacked them first. The Russian government could theoretically use the outcome to legitimize its right to invade its smaller neighbor.

Kirby also stated US intelligence agencies could prove Russia positioned operatives to conduct the false flag operation.

Psaki claims the Russian operation is a fabrication solely aimed at giving the military the ability to claim provocation — in other words, an excuse to invade Ukraine.

The Friday briefing comes in the wake of a large-scale cyber-attack that hit Ukrainian government websites just one week after failed talks between the US, the European Union, and Russia. On Wednesday, January 12, Russian officials said there wasn’t anything more to discuss if the United States refused to take NATO membership for Ukraine and other former Soviet bloc states off the table.

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