White House Calls For Weapons Ban

Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

Only a few hours after the police arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting of three University of Virginia football players, the White House has called for an assault weapons ban. However, the suspect allegedly used a handgun.

The White House released a statement saying that President Biden and the First Lady were “mourning with the University of Virginia community after yet another deadly shooting in America has taken the lives of three people.”

The statement also noted how many families across America had become victims of gun violence. This was why Biden had decided to sign one of the biggest gun safety laws of the past three decades. Still, there is more to be done, as an assault weapons ban would be integral to getting weapons off of America’s streets.

Congress passed a bipartisan gun control bill in June following the mass shootings from Buffalo, New York to Uvalde, Texas, but the bill had been stopped due to the multiple restrictions that Democrats had been calling for. Biden has also called for Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban which was first put in place in 1994 but expired 10 years later.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., a 22-year-old University of Virginia student and former member of the school’s football team has been arrested because of his connection to the fatal shootings of Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry. Two other students have also been hospitalized.

The arrest warrants for Jones note that he is charged with three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun in the commission of a felony.