What’s Behind the Mysterious Insect Swarm in Oregon

What's Behind The Mysterious Insect Swarm in Oregon

This Biblical Insect Is Spreading Like Wildfire

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Since the beginning of time, humans have struggled to prevent the mass overpopulation of bugs from eating and destroying vital crops. As pioneers moved westward in the formative years of the United States, they discovered problems with destructive grasshoppers in the Midwest. In 1921, a swarm destroyed millions of acres of crops in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Now, the Northwest is struggling with an infestation of Mormon crickets.

In Oregon, the Mormon Cricket infestation is historic. Grasshoppers and Mormon crickets are destroying crops from Montana to Nevada. It’s one of the worst swarms since the 1940s. So, what’s driving it? The insects largely populate due to dry and warm conditions, where they thrive.

In 2021, Oregon officials say the pesky insects damaged around 10 million acres in 18 counties. The lawmakers hope to stop the pests while they’re nymphs with aerial pesticide spraying. If not, once the bugs become adults, they’re nearly impossible to exterminate due to their hard shells. The government could reimburse farmers for up to 75% of their costs if the state approves.

Mormon crickets are actually flightless katydids that can travel up to a quarter-mile per day. These creatures aren’t new to Oregon. In fact, they’re a native species to western North America. The bugs became well known to Mormon settlers in Utah after droughts when warm temperatures helped the creatures thrive.

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