What the Smollett Trial Really Told Us About “Woke” America

What the Smollett Trial Really Told Us About

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In December 1770, John Adams defended six British soldiers for allegedly killing several people at the Boston massacre. It became apparent to Adams the men were guiltless, and he declared to the jury that facts are stubborn things. An American jury hostile to British soldiers found them innocent despite the public outcry against their heavy-handed presence in Boston. Since before the founding of America, the men who would found this nation intended juries to be impartial, apolitical and in search of the truth. In the Jessie Smollett case, the jury lived up to the ideals of justice.

While many Americans are concerned about wokeness in society, the American jury system is performing as intended. One Smollett jury member spoke out about the process the jury endured before finding the defendant guilty. The jurist said none of the members disagreed fundamentally, but they took the matter so seriously they spent nine hours combing through evidence with an open mind. Each wanted to ensure the others didn’t feel pressured to come to a unanimous decision.

The group made a declarative decision based on the facts. They didn’t base their finding on race, celebrity status or sexual orientation. Based on the evidence, the jury determined Smollett was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt as there was zero credibility to back up his story.

The situation has been similar in other recent cases. A jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse for protecting himself. Another jury convicted the men who followed and gunned down Ahmaud Arbery for their crimes. The evidence showed Smollett fabricated a hate crime, and the jury sniffed out the truth through the evidentiary process.

Does the American system of justice get much better than that? The Smollett trial really exposed one enduring tenet: Woke America can’t fight the truth when people know the facts and not just the emotion-laden appearances.

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