What Does It Take to Run for Local Office?

What Does It Take to Run for Local Office?

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Just about everyone in the US has probably been unhappy with their local government at some time. Many of us have wondered if we might do a better job ourselves. Well, maybe we could – and there’s nothing to stop us from giving it a shot. All it takes is some groundwork. Here’s what we need for a run at a local political office.

Know the Issues

Before launching a campaign, research is key. It’s necessary to know what the local issues are and have a clear idea of how to handle them. There’s probably at least one issue that motivated the run, but that isn’t enough – to be an attractive candidate and gain a consensus, it’s necessary to garner support on a wide range of issues.

Count the Voters

Look at the results from previous elections to get an idea of the number of people who usually turn out and how they vote. Investigate how many people in the community are registered but haven’t voted yet. Motivating them to support us can give us a huge advantage – this is what Donald Trump did when he ran for the White House, and it can work for us too.

How Many People Do We Need to Reach?

Having the resources to canvass everyone in a community is great – but we might need help. First, set a realistic target for how many people the campaign needs to reach. A good rule of thumb is double the average turnout, so if 25% of registered voters usually get out to vote, aim to canvass 50%. That should put us on course for a majority.

Target the Likely Supporters

Many politicians have tried to be the candidate that appeals to everyone; They’ve all failed. We just can’t have a platform that everyone will support. Instead, focus on people who’re likely to share broad aims. If we want improvements in our local school district, pitch the campaign to families, not retirees or young people.

Build a Solid Team

Running an effective campaign is a team job; we can’t manage it alone. Hiring a professional campaign manager is ideal, but most of us can’t do that. Instead, look for friends or family with a track record of organizing things – being a club secretary can be a great precursor to running a campaign.

Have a Budget

Local politics isn’t as expensive as running for president, but it still costs money – and nobody wants to sink time and resources into a campaign only to have to pull out because of unexpected costs. Estimate costs and resources; allow for stationery, printing costs and advertising.

One of the great things about local politics is that almost anyone has the chance to get elected and make a difference. Serving a community by running for a local office can provide a lot of personal satisfaction. So, go for it! Come up with a plan and a message, target the audience who’ll benefit most, build a team to carry the message and launch that campaign!

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