Voters Reject Democratic Agenda in Virginia

Voters Reject Democratic Agenda in Virginia

( – On Tuesday, October 2, voters in Virginia sent shockwaves across the political world. Just a few weeks ago, political analysts considered gubernatorial Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin’s candidacy a longshot. After a series of miscues by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and congressional Democrats overplaying their hand, Youngkin bridged the gap over the last several weeks to win the Virginia governor’s mansion in a shocker.

The election was decisive. Youngkin carried the GOP to victory for the lieutenant governorship, attorney general and the state legislature. For over a decade, Virginia became bluer until President Biden’s approval ratings tanked, inflation hit and critical race theory (CRT) in public schools took center stage in the final days of the election. All told, the issues stacked up so numerously against Democrats that suburban voters, women and independents swung the election to Republicans in a surprising fashion.

CRT Dominated Discussions But Didn’t Lead Voter Concerns

In the campaign’s final weeks, Youngkin set his sights on the school board in Loudoun County, VA. Parents expressed outrage over teachers exposing their students to CRT. In an October debate, McAuliffe stated parents didn’t have a right to express their concerns over their children’s education.

The problem worsened when the Justice Department received a letter from the National School Boards Association calling concerned parents domestic terrorists and insinuating the Bureau should begin investigating those upset at school boards. The entire situation backfired on McAuliffe, and Youngkin successfully seized it. Over the last two weeks, campaign rallies for McAuliffe were anemic while Youngkin was packing them in with enthusiasm and excitement.

Despite the uproar over CRT, exit polls showed the economy was the number-one issue for voters. CRT followed at a distant second. After Democrats seized control of Congress and the White House in January, the Left went on an anti-capitalist tear in an attempt to pass a radical and transformative economic agenda. Biden immediately reversed former President Donald Trump’s energy policies responsible for making the United States energy independent for the first time in decades. Since then, Biden has made the country reliant on foreign sources of oil, and gasoline prices spiked significantly across the country.

Inflation rose in connection with rising energy costs and in conjunction with the passage of the COVID-19 relief bill in March, pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and overheating it. In the last few months, cars, retail goods and grocery store shelves have been in low supply but high demand. People’s wages may have increased during the pandemic, but the reality is they took a pay cut thanks to fast-rising prices on everything consumers purchase.

Is Exit Polling Reliable?

In recent years, exit polling was reliable to the degree of the questions it asked. The challenge with any exit poll is that the questions are simple, brief and limited. Voters don’t typically want polling outfits to barrage them with questions in a public environment after casting a ballot.

An exit poll isn’t capable of capturing voters’ whole sentiments. So, while the economy may be the top issue among voters in Virginia on Tuesday night, for some, it’s only because exit poll workers asked them to rank the issues most affecting their votes. If CRT and the economy were equal factors, they couldn’t express that in an exit poll because participants had to choose between the two.

Researchers will glean more specific data from voters in the coming months to develop a more complete picture of why people voted as they did.

Until experts learn more about voter motives, all they can say with relative certainty is voters are turning their backs on the Biden agenda. They don’t want a cradle-to-grave economic system, and they don’t want educators teaching their kids they are oppressors or oppressed.

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