Voter Fraudster Indicted by Federal Authorities

( – The 2020 election raised some eyebrows and concerns after claims of voter fraud swept the country like wildfire. With ongoing investigations in some states looking into the issue, it’s no surprise to see indictments surfacing. Let’s look at the details of this first case made by federal authorities.

In Maricopa County, AZ one woman is in hot water for allegedly casting a ballot in her dead mother’s name. Tracey Kay McKee, who has been accused of wrongfully filling out and submitting the early voting ballot, has been indicted on one count of perjury and one count of illegal voting. She’s pleaded not guilty on both counts as reported by the Arizona Mirror.

Early voting in Arizona didn’t begin until October 7th, and McKee’s mother allegedly died on the 5th of October, making it impossible for her to fill out the ballot. It was between October 7th and November 3rd when Tracey turned the fraudulent ballot in to officials. Her illegal voting charge has McKee looking at a possible five years in jail, in combination with the 2.5 years she could receive due to perjury. Both are felonies.

Merissa Hamilton, a conservative activist, submitted a list of 33 names she believed were in on dead voting; Tracey McKee was one of these names. If a single person discovered 33 potential cases of voter fraud, just imagine how many an audit team might find in the 2.1 million ballots cast throughout Maricopa County?

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