VIDEO: Biden Insults The National Anthem

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – President Biden started to slowly remove his hand from his heart when he realized that rather than “The Star Spangled Banner” the Indian national anthem had started playing.

During the event, Biden could be seen standing next to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, waiting for “The Star Spangled Banner” to be played by the orchestra first. In anticipation of this, he placed his hand over his hand, however, the orchestra instead started with the Indian national anthem. In response to this change, Biden had to quickly lower his hand.

This is the second time that the Indian prime minister has visited the United States during the Biden administration. His recent visit has led to a lot of criticism as many members of the Democratic party have taken issue with a number of Modi’s domestic policies. The White House has even noted that India is “backsliding” and they have promised that President Biden would address those concerns with Modi during the visit. A senior administration official specifically told reporters on Wednesday that the two men would discuss “religious discrimination, treatment of minorities, issues of press freedoms” during the visit.

He added further that the President was aware that there were certain issues that the U.S. democracy was also dealing with and that he would approach the discussion with Modi with the utmost humility in order for the discussion to be fruitful for the two nations. Additionally, the President would not attempt to lecture or preach during the discussion but instead would approach the topics with care.


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