VIDEO: Baby Seal Joins The Surfers

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash

( – California surfers in San Diego were surprised to see a seal pup jumping onto a surfboard in order to sine bathe while riding the waves with the surfers.

One of the surfers who saw the baby seal posted on their Instagram that this was “the most beautiful thing” to ever happen to them and that they would never be “getting rid of this board.”

Several surfers were in the water last Saturday off Tourmaline Beach where the seal pup was first seen. The footage of the encounters was captured by drone, as the baby seal climbed on top of the surfboards and lay in the sun. It even stayed on the board to catch some of the waves with his human friends.

After seeing the pup, the surfers had reached out to SeaWorld to get in contact with experts who could verify if the baby seal was healthy or not. This was verified by SeaWorld official Tracy Rahr who told NBC San Diego, that after examining the seal pup their expert team determined that they were healthy and that there was no need for intervention, as the pup was old enough to cover all of its needs on its own.

Some surfers also speculated that it was possible that the pup’s mother was dead, however, SeaWorld and local outlets stated that they did not have any reports about a seal dying. Seal pups tend to be rather friendly and will often approach humans. It is also not uncommon for their mothers to leave them behind while they go hunting.

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