“USA Today” Defends Child Abusers in Now-Deleted Tweet

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Occasionally the media puts out a story that makes one wonder, where did that come from? On Monday, January 10, a writer for USA Today took an odd angle on an issue that many people would find abhorrent. The writer claimed that pedophilia is a misunderstood sexual orientation that may be inborn. The writer didn’t cite a psychologist or researcher to validate the claim. Complicating matters, the story only offered a short statement that protecting children and their well-being should be a top priority for society, falling well short of calling for consequences if one abuses a child.

On social media, users pounded USA Today for the article. The media outlet tried to explain itself but ultimately deleted a tweet defending the controversial article. Unfortunately for them, nothing is ever truly deleted once it’s online. Some readers stated that USA Today was contributing to normalizing child abuse. Others mocked the idea that a person’s desire to exploit a child forms in the womb.

To minimize damage, the news outlet changed the article’s title, but the content remained unchanged. Once again, it caused more blowback. Many suggested the newspaper should take down the entire story for justifying harming a child. Still, some claimed that USA Today participated in propaganda after alleging pedophiles are misunderstood.

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